Henry’s Personal Timeline

1855: Henry is born in Ballarat September 1855

1876: Henry’s father Richard Henry Sutton dies in Ballarat

1881: Henry marries Elizabeth Ellen Wyatt in Ballarat

1882: Arthur Ernest Sutton is born in Ballarat

1884-1890: Henry’s home address 74 DOVETON ST BALLARAT

1887: Reginald Sutton is born in Ballarat 1887: Reginald dies in Ballarat 1887

1888: Percival Sutton is born in Ballarat 1888: Percival dies in Ballarat 1888

1890: Henry moves overseas to London with Arthur and Elizabeth,
London home address is 116 Powerscroft Rd Hackney

1893: May 1893 Henry returns home from England and temporarily stays at
his brother Fred’s home in Webster St Ballarat

1893: Henry’s home address 134 BOUNDARY/KOOYONG RD ARMADALE/MALVERN (Boundary Rd became Kooyong Rd in 1895)

1894: Henry’s mother Mary Sutton dies Ballarat

1895-1896: Henry’s home address 134 KOOYONG ROAD ARMADALE/MALVERN

1896-1899: Henry’s home address 40 LISSON GROVE HAWTHORN

26 Feb 1897: Edward Sutton is born at 40 Lisson Grove Hawthorn

1900: Henry’s home address ARMADALE PLACE Armadale

1901:-1907: Henry’s home address moves back to live at 134 Kooyong Rd Armadale
(house name Ruperstrue)

1901: Henry’s wife Elizabeth Ellen Wyatt dies at 134 Kooyong Rd Malvern

1902: Henry marries Annie May Tatti in Malvern at Rupertsrue 134 Kooyong rd Malvern.

1903: Albert Martin Sutton is born in Malvern at Rupertsrue 134 Kooyong Rd Armadale

1908-1912: Henry’s home address 9 ERSKINE STREET MALVERN (House name Waltham)

1910: Johnathan Sutton is born at 9 Erskine St. Malvern

1912: July 1912 Henry dies at 9 Erskine St Malvern